"Amazing flexibility. Can negotiate any curvature. Bends like even Beckham can't. Doesn't seem to separate and cause anxiety. Confidence inspiring. Stretching boundaries of negotiation and fracture resistance. Brings joy in endodontics. Absolute pleasure to work with. Recommended to all. Use and fall in love with it."
Dr. A Chakravarthy
Chennai ( Endodontist )

"Best files on market, a perfect blend of efficiency and longevity, finally I can proudly say that I have BREAK FREE practice."
Dr. Sanket Sheth
Mumbai ( Endodontist )

"Amazing files with superb flexibility at unbeatable price."
Dr. Paras Kothari
Mumbai ( Endodontist )

"Hello everyone. Would share my experience with this particular newly introduced root canal file system. Having used so many systems till late I am really happy with this system. Reasons are - Great amount of flexibility with preserved cutting efficiency. Special feature of unwinding which minimizes breakage of instruments. Most important things I have noticed there is no change in canal morphology and no apical transportation, I would definitely recommend this system."
Dr. Nilesh. S. Kadam
MDS( GDC- Goa )

"I am using FlexiconTM files for six months. Excellent cutting efficiency, great resistance to cyclic fatigue. Lasts long. Can be used in thin tortuous canals like mb2 with great confidence. Available in all sizes and tapers. And economical. This is what I try to find in any rotary file. I recommend this file to all dentists."
Dr. Mandar Joglekar
Microscope Dentist